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Services for students and employees

Target group

Our consulting services are free for:

  • Students and employees of the Freie Universität Berlin
  • PhD students enrolled at the Freie Universität Berlin

Excluded are people associated to the medicine department (Charité) (those students please refer to the statistical consultancy of the institute of “Biometrie und Klinische Epidemiologie”)
The Potsdam Graduate School cooperates with fu:stat. Members of the Potsdam Graduate School have to contact the PoGS in advance for approval for any statistical consulting. PhD students of PoGS pay 25 € and Postdocs as well as Junior Professors of PoGs pay 37.50 € for each consulting hour (see information about statistics offers of the PoGS).


The consultancy for the prior listed target group is free of charge except for PoGS members (see above).


Before consultancy, your supervisor has to agree to the planed cooperation with fu:stat. We further reject any consultancy requests if the submission date of your work is less than four weeks ahead. 

Notes regarding the consultancy

  • Please note, that fu:stat is not performing the analysis of your data. fu:stat rather helps finding the right statistical methods, applying it correctly to your data and interpreting the results. However, small example steps of the analysis can be performed together.

  • The amount of consultancy should not exceed three appointments due to capacity reasons.

  • We kindly ask the participant to state the hypotheses, prepare the data and refresh their statistical knowledge prior to the appointment.


  • Before making an appointment you should be familiar with your topic and especially the empirical part of your work. You should precisely state your main questions for which you need our support.
  • Then you can register using the Registration Form. Please fill out the form as detailed as possible. The more information we have regarding your case, the better we can prepare in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions concerning the Registration Form. We will contact you after the registration. This can take up to 10 days.
  • Please bring all important information to the appointment. You also need to bring some kind of proof, that you are associated to the Freie Universitaet Berlin (e.g. student-ID).

Other services

  • Supervision of empirical work in cooperation with companies

    Fu:stat offers the supervision of empirical Bachelor- and Master thesis in cooperation with companies. →  more information
  • Statistical courses

    Fu:stat offers a variety of statistical courses (normally in March and September) to prepare for any empirical work. The outline of the trainings is based on our daily consultancy experiences and focuses on the particular target groups. → more information